View from the office window.It’s official. I’ve registered Webcraft Studios as a “Trade Name” in the state of Colorado. This is equivalent to what Texas calls a “DBA” or “Doing Business As”. This is, of course, a first step. In the future I plan to file an LLC.

I’ve setup a checking account and applied for a credit card. I selected Bank of America as they have a nice set of online tools. Via their online tools I can manage my balances, transfer between accounts, pay all my bills online, receive many of my bills directly, create invoices for my customers and have their payments go directly into my account, and lots more. They even have payroll tools should I reach a point where I have employees.

My first transactions will be for hosting. I’m going to secure a resellers package (possibly from Host Gator, but I will be exploring greener options) and provide hosting services to my clients. This is not an open hosting offering as I do not want to adopt the level of support required to offer real hosting services. The service is only for the clients I am currently mentoring (at least for the moment).

I’m still hoping to find the right partners to move Webcraft to an LLC with. I am also still refining the vision of what Webcraft should be. The founding principles of being built on open source software, operating with a high level of transparency, and being green in our practices does not – by itself – build a business! Soon I will publish a post on a whole new genre of services that I think might be an excellent platform for a business. Stay tuned in!

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