Role Playing at HalloweenIn a previous post, I mentioned a “genre of services” I would like Webcraft Studios to perform. Tonight, I’m ready to announce the first of those services. I call it Digital Theatrics.

Digital theatrics is the art of weaving a digital story in a virtual medium through social role playing. Social Role Playing is the art of impersonating a character on a social website.

Social Role Playing is for clients who want to bring a character to life. Imagine a cartoon or video game character. Imagine how that character might act online. What if Pappa Smurf had a blog? What would he talk about? Who would be on Duke Nukem‘s top friends list? What kind of answers would he have for those surveys floating around in everyone’s bulletins?

Digital Theatrics takes it a step further by telling a story. However, in this story, the stage is the public Internet. Sound fun? I think so.

This evening I sent off the first theatrics proposal to a potential client. Unfortunately, I will not be able to discuss the details of the project until the play is complete. It just wouldn’t be as much fun if I gave away the surprise!

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