June, 2008 archive

A Call For A Distributed And Open Twitter Service

June 27th, 2008 | Open Source | 1 comment

I just got home from a two week trip. While disconnected, I had a sudden brain fart. I saw Twitter reinvented as a distributed system and provided free as open source. This morning I woke up to find the ‘Twitter Fail Whale’ in full effect. Twitter is, once again, overloaded with users. This is so [...]

Progress Report: Two Months Later

June 5th, 2008 | The Company | No comments

About 2 months ago, I announced that I was no longer a corporate gnome. In that post, I mentioned that Webcraft was no longer slated to be [just?] a web development company. Two weeks later, I explained the first service offering, Digital Theatrics. I mentioned that I was sending off the first client proposal that [...]