Status Report: Closing Out The Year

December 15th, 2008 | The Company

It’s that time of year somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Work is slow and it’s cold – really cold – here in Colorado. I’ve nearly wrapped up the only outstanding work and all that’s left in the queue are the endless internal projects.

I’ve been spending the “down” time doing all the things I failed to get to while I was busy working. I’ve dramatically updated this site including the addition of a Services page. For the first time since I started this gig, folks can actually visit my website and see what I do. Hooray!

I’ve also completed a rough draft and first round of edits on a case study for this summer’s Digital Theatrics campaign. I shared the draft with a few people; however I want to do a few more rounds of edits before I release it publicly here on this blog. I’ll post it soon enough.

I’m investing energy in a couple of Webcraft side projects. The oldest was founded before Webcraft: Dallas Snowboarders. I am in the process of re-branding the site and porting it to a different software platform. I also launched a new blog called Go Light Weight. I’ve slowly been posting and evolving the site. I’ve also used it as a platform to experiment with technology and explore promotional techniques. I’m kind of nutty over lightweight and multi-purpose stuff.

I still have a rather lengthy to-do list that should keep me engaged until the next project roles down the pipe. However, given my (re: Webcraft’s) current financial situation, I am also open to full-time employment. In the event that a good job opportunity should arise before a significant Webcraft project roles in, Webcraft may be put on auto-pilot for a while.

And, of course, I’ve been snowboarding as much as possible. The attached photo was one such day this season. I often times dream of having a company office near the slopes and having the entire team break for powder. Meanwhile, the word on the street says we’re getting another dump of snow tonight.

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