In a little more than 3 months since my last blog post, little to nothing has changed. I’m currently still seeking payment on overdue invoices from the company that bought out my last client. My legal council is very confident that it’s merely a matter of time and stepping through process. The debt is clear and the documentation solid. As I’ve mentioned before, the experience of having a client (by proxy) being so blatantly unethical drives me away from my desires to put further energy into this type of work.

Meanwhile, as I go about living the life of an employee (and gratefully so, at the moment), there are a few projects related to Webcraft that are still simmering. None of these projects are in any state to drive revenue. One of these projects will be supported with a significant Digital Theatrics campaign. This project is, by far, the one I am the most excited about.

With the responsibilities of an employed life, the gears for projects turn very very slowly. An injection of funds, allowing us to subcontract more components, would speed things up. This makes me eager to see the case with my previous client come to a close. The collection of that debt would go a long way in bringing the new project to life.

Meanwhile, I can not speak to the fate of “Webcraft” itself. While the project is related, I may decide to shut down Webcaft, perhaps folding the blog posts into my personal blog. Then again, perhaps the project will invigorate Webcraft and spark things back to life.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

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