The Frost Thaws

February 2nd, 2011 | The Company

It’s the second month of 2011 and the Webcraft Studios frost is beginning to thaw. As projects ramp up and a new game plan comes together, it’s going to be time for some spring cleaning. Luckily, spring itself is still a few months away.

If you have a project that needs some loves and attention, now is a good time to get ahold of me. One thing continues to haunt me: the use of “Web” in the company name. I’m developing an ever increasing sense that the Web, as we know it today, is as good as dead. With the proliferation of smart phones with their array of specialized apps that run natively on mobile devices, I can easily imagine a world where the Web browser fades into the background.

But hey, we’re not there yet… We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. Meanwhile, it’s time to wake the craft from it’s long slumber…

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