Status Report: Closing Out The Year

December 15th, 2008 | The Company | No comments

It’s that time of year somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Work is slow and it’s cold – really cold – here in Colorado. I’ve nearly wrapped up the only outstanding work and all that’s left in the queue are the endless internal projects.

I’ve been spending the “down” time doing all the things I failed to get to while I was busy working. I’ve dramatically updated this site including the addition of a Services page. For the first time since I started this gig, folks can actually visit my website and see what I do. Hooray!
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Today’s Site Alternations

December 6th, 2008 | The Company | 3 comments

I just finished making a lot of structural changes to Previously, WordPress was installed under the /blog directory and the rest of the site was static. I moved WordPress to the root of the site and set everything up so I can use WordPress as a CMS for all of the static pages on the site. I may have broken some links along the way, but I’ll just have to do my best to clean those up as I go.

I took this as an opportunity to update the logo. Previously, the “logo” in the header didn’t come close to matching what I was using everywhere else. However, thanks to a very kind (and talented) graphic designer, I now have a handy svg of the logo I posted today. Hooray!
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They Call It Social Media

December 3rd, 2008 | Digital Theatrics, Social Media | No comments

Coder The DogI’ve been talking about Digital Theatrics for some time now. For some reason, it’s taken a while for the term “Social Media” to click for me. By “click”, I realised that social media is the stage on which Digital Theatrics is performed.

I’ve noticed more and more social media companies advertising their services. There are books coming out on social media marketing. By the time anything hits print, it’s definitely mainstream.
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Backwards Web Design

November 4th, 2008 | OSS Web Dev Methodologies | No comments

Perhaps I should start a blog category called “rants”? One of my favorite rants that never seems to go away is the backwards approach that many Web design firms still embrace. Many companies still start in Photoshop and then slice and dice their designs as a post process. Today I found this in a job offering:

This position is WEB DESIGN ONLY (i.e. no development needed, just design). We will expect mockups, revisions and other layout work provided in Photoshop only. The final slicing, adding of functionality, and creation of the website will be handled by our in-house developers.

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Status Report: First Go/No-Go Decision

October 30th, 2008 | The Company | 1 comment

Here it is, the evening before Halloween. It’s warm here in Colorado. It won’t be warm much longer. The Digital Theatrics experimental campaign is complete. The campaign generated lots of educational experiences. The process did not prove nor disprove the viability of Digital Theatrics as a marketing service, but I found the results to lean towards favorability. I will be producing a case study blog post soon.

Webcraft currently has no projects, no clients, and no money in the bank. Aside from the knowledge and raw data from the experiment, Webcraft is in nearly the same situation as it was back in April. I must admit, however, that I was on more financially stable ground then than I am now.
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Ideas Belong To Everyone

October 23rd, 2008 | Open Source | No comments

Intranet Prototype from 2000Ideas are funny things. A single good idea can change your entire life. In fact, a good idea can change the lives of many, sometimes millions. I’ve always been stunned by the notion that we, as a culture, decided to create an institution that allows a single individual to “own” an idea.

I must admit that this notion of being able to exploit an idea, at times, inspired me to come up with something clever enough to profit from. That attitude did not last very long. It didn’t take much time to notice that ideas seem to crop up in multiple places at about the same time. I’ve had what I thought were original ideas only to either hear someone else tell me about “their” idea or to even see someone successfully execute it.
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