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OSS Web Dev Methodologies Post 1: Pre-Production With Dia

October 5th, 2007 | Open Source, OSS Web Dev Methodologies | 3 comments

“OSS Web Dev Methodologies” will be a series of posts designed to introduce you to some of the many tools available on open source software platforms. Let’s begin with the pre-production stage of the development cycle. Any significantly large web development project usually begins with a pre-production phase chop full of documentation. This documentation usually [...]

Defending The Gimp

September 25th, 2007 | Open Source, The Company | 3 comments

Bring out The Gimp! For the unlikely reader who’s never heard of Gimp, it’s basically the open source version of Photoshop. My friend: You’ll let them use Photoshop, right? Me: Well, no… My friend: You mean you’re going to make them use Gimp? That was part of a conversation I had recently while talking about [...]

They Just Don’t Get It

August 1st, 2007 | Open Source, The Company | 2 comments

I could use a couple of good contractors to help with the slew of projects people are sending my way these days. Most of the contractors I know are really busy right now – it’s a great time to be a web developer. I took it as an opportunity to find some folks who are [...]

A Dialog On Sustainability

July 30th, 2007 | Green, Open Source | No comments

The Green (Sustainability) Movement Being green is the notion of living in harmony with the Earth and to maintain a sustainable global environment for the future. Lately, it’s become vogue to be green. Maybe it was Gore‘s little movie; or maybe it’s just the price of gas. Whatever the reason, green culture is growing by [...]

First Post!

July 7th, 2007 | Open Source, The Company | No comments

I’m finally composing my first post for this blog. I’m sitting in a friend’s living room just outside of Denver, Colorado. I’ve got a bit of a headache, but I’m content. It’s taken me the better part of the day to get the blog theme put together and everything setup online. I think it turned [...]