Webcraft Studios holds four basic hallmarks in how it chooses to approach business. At the core of all four is the notion of doing “good” where possible. These hallmarks are important to our industry and our world during our modern times.

Social Integrity: The Internet brought about many-to-many communications tools that are progressively empowering the people. The people are becoming more aware and more educated than ever before. There is more to gain in being honest and transparent about your company than in any buzzword rich marketing jargon.

Green Practices: The energy scare that swept the world these past few years finally brought the public’s attention to the dire needs of our home, Earth. Webcraft is currently running on servers powered by green energy. To ensure a better home for the next generation, we have to make ecologically aware decisions now..

Personal Freedom: The modern in-office, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday model of traditional employment is a dated concept one step removed from indentured servitude. Employment is a partnership; rewards should be based on accomplishments, not hours spent in an office. Webcraft culture embraces those that prefer to work from home, or from the mountains, or the beach. Webcraft welcomes the era of the digital nomad.

Intellectual Sustainability: Our current model of patents and property rights is slowing innovation. Our politics and greed are holding us back from building a better world. Webcraft supports the notion that information and ideas belong to all of us. Webcraft uses open source software nearly exclusively, shares ideas and information openly with the global community, and chooses projects that contribute to the overall value of the Web..